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NingBo Chemical Material Co., Ltd was established in1980. We were administered by state bureau of petroleum and chemical industry and are established by reunited the national capital of state-owned enterprise. Our chemical chain store, a wholly owned subsidiary, provides one-stop convenient shopping to our customers.

We are handling item for export, import and local distribution covering a full range of aromatics, solvents and alcohols & glycols. After 25 years experiences, we have been competitive in East China through regional networks and are striving to be the best in liquid chemical market with quality and service.
Our goals

To provide an overall distribution service of chemicals and to build a bridge between petrochemical manufacturers and end users;
To establish a professional logistic distribution system by investment in logistic facilities in an attempt to upgrade professional service;

Our services

With service trade as operational concept, our company has established a “Client-Oriented” operating model by which we can understand client's need and play an active role in the supply chain, for example:

Fully capability of repackaging of customer supplied chemicals;
To carry out the quality control throughout the whole distribution process;
To provide reliable stocks and punctual delivery through professional barge, railroad, or truck;
International circulation of chemical products;
Market information sharing;
Safety instructions for chemical products;

Our Capacities

Sound and efficient distribution network

The Liquid chemical's sales in 2004
N-butyl alcohol 16000 tons
Iso butyl alcohol 12000 tons
MEK, Acetone 15000 tons
IPA, Toluene, MX, CYC, EA, BA 50000 tons
Pesticides exported serving for over 20 distributors around the world,
Retail chain of chemical products

Logistic facilities

Professional warehouse with 8000M2
20 tanks with a total of 1500M3
Long-term hire of tank with 10000M3
Investment partnership in professional chemical transportation
Chartering of barge and vessel

Internal control

Sales & Inventory Control System and other software are widely utilized to expand the field of management and control, meanwhile, to strengthen reacting speed;
Standardized operating procedures are employed to improve the efficiency;
A studying team in pursuit of a higher performance;

Our commitments

We believe that clients' interest is above all, honesty and credit is fundamental, and the sustained development shall be followed:

A powerful support to the suppliers in market development with our efficient distribution network;
A punctual and steady supply to end users through a close cooperation with suppliers and strategic alliance;

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